Pop & Me Review

Jun 08, 2000 | 8:00pm EDT

It could have been called "Around the World in 80 Dads." This

documentary explores the complex and often troubling bond between

fathers and sons as first-time filmmaker Chris Roe packs his camera and

his father for a trip around the globe. Along the way the pair chat

with dad/kid combos from cultures and locales as diverse as Israel

Vietnam and Australia.

No showy performances here. An amazing cross-section of families

including a Holocaust survivor and a father who describes his son as

"minimally brain damaged " opens up to the Roes. Oddly enough the

camera helps to break down the wall of manly machismo as participants

seem eager to express what they’ve been feeling but not revealing. The

pair even ran into Julian Lennon in Monaco for a candid account of life

as a Beatles son.

As star/director/co-producer/co-editor and subject handsome Chris Roe

creates an exquisite snapshot of fatherhood that will appeal to travel

enthusiasts voyeurs and anyone dealing with their own familial

relationships. Roe gives his film a snappy pace intercutting the

heartwarming with the hair-raising including a wicked bungee jump and

some rough arguments. It’s refreshing to see real life can still be

intelligent as well as entertaining.

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