Knight and Day Review

Dec 02, 2010 | 11:01am EST

Knight and Day Blu RayA crappy film can often be saved by an excellent home entertainment release but most times said release just reinforces why the film was crappy in the first place. Such is the case with Knight and Day.

For starters like the film the Blu-ray is light. What few extras it offers are so trite and over-glamorous that it makes the film look subtle. There are four different “behind-the-scenes” features but each one can easily be replaced by the other and they all recycle the same location footage. Everyone involved has such nice things to say about everyone else and the movie as a whole. They keep praising the locations stunts and stories like they had the honor of paying just to be there (instead of the millions they made for being there).

The feature ‘Knight and Day: Story’ is particularly atrocious because it's the one thing that is focused on in the bonus material that is egregiously wrong. I’m fine with the producers and stars complimenting the scope of the film through its locations and stunt work because in those respects Knight and Day succeeded. But as far as story goes it fails miserably. Essentially this is an action movie with a heavy dose of romance and comedy. While the action is decent the sparks don’t fly and the jokes fall way flat.

Tom Cruise set out to make another “Tom Cruise” movie but what would’ve been a huge hit fifteen years ago barely registers these days (granted this film made plenty back at the foreign box office but it just reaffirms my fear that the rest of the world hasn't caught up with the good ole' US of A in understanding that Cruise is insane). Both he and Cameron Diaz are way past their prime to make a movie like this. When he tries to pull off a sexy look while helping Cameron Diaz he winds up looking painfully awkward. It’s like he has seen what Ryan Reynolds is slowly becoming and thought “Hey I used to be able to do that I still got it!” when sadly Reynolds does it so much better. You can't try to be cool you either are or you aren't.

And poor Cameron Diaz. While she harps merrily through the extras about being able to do her own stunts and loving the locations she sits quietly in the background because this is Tom's show. Don't get me wrong he is a great actor but he’s not the same Tom Cruise he was twenty years ago and he can’t keep acting like its 1990 all over again.

Knight and DayThe crazy thing is that everyone involved acts like Knight and Day was a revelation; a bold new great idea. They praise the film up and down but (not) surprisingly there aren't any commentary tracks. The behind the scenes features are all bunches of pre-recorded slop that the studio (one would imagine) put together to continue the brainwashing if someone were so mind-numbingly stupid that their opinion of the movie would be swayed otherwise if director James Mangold admitted this wasn’t a good movie. They don’t want anyone admitting that what they made isn’t good so they don’t allow anyone to speak openly about the film.

Everything about the film (from the trailers to incredibly lame attempts attempts at “viral” videos) is jaded beyond measure. A dash of self-awareness would be most welcome in the film or Blu-ray but alas we are not so lucky.

There is also a Black Eyed Peas music video co-starring Tom Cruise but life is way too short to subjugate yourself to something like that.

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