Megamind Review

Feb 24, 2011 | 10:02am EST

Megamind Blu RayI will give the MegaMind Blu-ray this: there is a lot of stuff in it. Most of it is interesting and entertaining some of it is questionable and then a tiny bit of it is just plain useless. But hey for a not-too-bad-for-a-non-Pixar-animated-movie what else would you expect?

Let’s start with the actual movie. Animated films always look the best in high definition and this is no exception. The colors are crisp the corners sharp and they have some of the best fire effects I’ve seen. Considering what a strong year this was for animated films MegaMind was up against some stiff competition but it holds its own fairly well. It’s a fun time (but it's no How To Train Your Dragon) with a good message (but it's no Toy Story 3) and it has one hell of a voice cast (Will Ferrell Tina Fey and Brad Pitt).

So the Blu-ray is definitely worth checking out if you haven’t seen the film. It also includes a short film that follows up with the story immediately after the film ends. The Button of Doom is light and fluffy but fairly funny. It’s a great addendum for the movie overall and should tide you over until the next sequel.

As for the extras its got a ton of them. There’s your basic filmmaker’s commentary but also an “Animator’s Corner” which is basically all the filmmakers but you actually see them instead of just hearing them. That would be a little too boring on its own so they overlay it with earlier footage from the film so you can see it side by side. It’s really informative and entertaining considering that it is just people talking about how they made a movie. There’s a trivia track but it only pops up randomly and infrequently. Also the “trivia” it gives is trivial at best (I see what I did there).

There are some drawbacks though. Strangely there is only one deleted scene and its only about 20 seconds long. I guess they really had it planned out from the beginning so no real cutting was needed. The one feature that I could not understand in the slightest was the “Interactive Comic Creator.” Basically they had a handful of scenes picked out and while watching them you could put in one of those comic balloons that say stuff like “KAPOW!” or “BOOM!” and that was it. You couldn’t choose where it went it chose for you. You couldn’t choose the sound it would choose a random one for you. Considering this is heavily advertised on the package I found it completely pointless. But hey maybe some kid will love it.

The film is definitely worth checking out and the Blu-ray is worth it if you’re feeling like a purchase.

MegaMind hits Blu-ray and DVD Friday Feb. 25.

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