Tron: Legacy Review

Apr 05, 2011 | 8:12am EDT

Tron Legacy Blu rayThough Disney’s Tron: Legacy failed to impress me in spite of its visual bravura the Mouse House has made good on its promise of an immersive mythological product with today’s release of the 2-Movie Collection Blu-ray. It includes not only a 3D Blu-ray standard Blu-ray DVD version and digital copy of the 2010 hit but also the long-overdue high-definition transfer of the 1982 original that started the phenomenon!

This is what I’ve come to admire about Walt Disney Home Entertainment. Even when the division is creating a package for a motion picture that didn’t quite live up to 28 years of fan fervor it goes all out by delivering a breadth of bonus materials for the Users. The main Blu-ray disc features fantastic content that will take you inside the big-budget production; Programs including “Launching the Legacy” which notes the initial challenges the filmmakers faced when contemplating revisiting The Grid as well as their desire to bring the story of Tron to new audiences. “Visualizing Tron” chronicles the massive undertaking of realizing Flynn’s digital domain in a two-hour feature film; no small feat considering the amount of production design and CG environments required. “Installing the Cast” is pretty self-explanatory; on-set interviews with Jeff Bridges Olivia Wilde Michael Sheen and Garrett Hedlund provide insight into the motivations of each actor taking a role in the sequel which was quite the sentimental trip for some of the elder statesmen like Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner.

Taking the Users further inside the film is the “Disc Roars” segment which will be particularly nostalgic for those lucky enough to have been at Comic-Con 2010 where the Tron: Legacy panel audience had their voices recorded for the “Disc Wars” chapter of the feature. Daft Punk fans may want to have a look at the awesome “Derezzed” music video written produced and performed by the unique duo. You’ll get a first look at the Disney XD Tron: Uprising animated series which doesn’t air until Summer 2012 but already looks like it’s going to be an awesome 10-part series exploring the history of The Grid between Tron and Tron: Legacy.

However the coolest feature included in the release is “Flynn Lives Revealed” a pseudo-doc that explains what happened in the real world before Tron: Legacy and after Kevin Flynn’s “unexplained” disappearance. After the short film a Tron arcade-game top score screen pops up prompting the User to enter in some of the initials already on display to unlock a series of Easter Eggs that reveal more information about the internal history of this beloved franchise from a commercial for the hit game “Space Paranoids” to a look at what Flynn loyalists have been up to all these years.

As for the film it looks and sounds like a million bucks - well actually like $170 million. In 7.1 surround sound and 1080p high definition the Lightcycle races and Disc Wars are all booming with layers of effects and luminescence; I wish I had a 3DTV/3D Blu-ray player so I could view the intended theatrical presentation in my living room. Director Joseph Kosinski came from a career in architecture to the world of film to make a groundbreaking visual experience and though he’s got a lot of work ahead of him in terms of storytelling competence I’ll take a ride through his imagination any time. With this 5-disc collection I can and you can get inside the world of Tron: Legacy in a bold new way.

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