Drive Angry Review

Jun 01, 2011 | 8:03am EDT

drive angryDrive Angry is a stupid movie. I know this. You know this. And most importantly everyone who made the movie knows this. Unfortunately most of the people who saw it didn’t know it and most of the people who would’ve loved the movie had they known it was stupid didn’t see it. Luckily they can relive the inanity infinitely on Blu-ray.

The movie looks really good in 1080p as most tend to but the main problem lies in its 3D. I know 3D ruins everything even when it isn’t watched in its intended format. There are obvious points in the film that are meant to be seen in the third dimension and can only be truly enjoyed with it. Like Nic Cage screwing a hooker while blasting bad guys with a shotgun and downing Jack Daniels. That alone is awesome but seeing it in slo-mo and 3D? Pure awesome. However you’ll have to settle for a standard presentation on the Blu-ray and that’s just disappointing. It also means that occasionally you’ll have really obvious computer generated elements flying at the screen. It’s kind of annoying but this is a movie called Drive Angry after all. All that being said there is a 3D version of the release so if you absolutely must see the 3D version it's available.

As for special features the pickings are slim. There are just two deleted scenes and for a movie this ridiculous I would have thought there would be more but alas. The crowning jewel of the special features is the "Access: Drive Angry" which proves to be a director’s commentary on crack. It’s the standard pop up commentary from the cast and crew where they give little anecdotes and behind-the-scenes info. It’s fairly fun if a little polished but very informative. For such a stupid movie Summit Entertainment had some really smart people making it.

But the absolute best special feature is the director’s commentary. Not because it’s super informative funny or engaging. But the writer/director Patrick Lussier was sick with Laryngitis or something and his voice sounded almost like Nic Cage’s. True it does get grating and annoying about fifteen minutes in but the sheer fact that they still let him do it while he was sick is pretty bad-ass. It’s done in the same “fuck it all” mentality the film was made with and you have to respect that.

Stupid? Yes. Fun? Most definitely. Worth checking out? Of course.

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