Watch Richard Curtis Talk ‘About Time’ and Why It’s The Last Film He’ll Direct

Richard Curtis is the undisputed king of rom coms. As the writer and director behind films like Love, Actually, Four Weddings and a Funeral and Notting Hill, he’s dedicated career to exploring love and its complications in all facets of life. With this latest film, About Time, he goes in a slightly different direction, by fusing the traditional rom com with time travel and a story about the lifelong relationship between father and son. That son is Tim (Domhnall Gleeson), who finds out from his father (Bill Nighy) that the men in his family have the ability to travel through time. As any good Curtis-ian hero would do, he then uses his power to woo Mary (Rachel McAdams), the love of his life. 

We sat down with Curtis to discuss the film, the challenges of casting Gleeson, and why About Time is the perfect film for him to end his directorial career on. 

Richard CurtisGetty

Watch the interview above, and catch About Time in theaters now.