Richard Linklater Possibly Remaking ‘The Incredible Mr. Limpet’

Richard LinklaterConfession time: Up until college, I thought The Incredible Mr. Limpet was A Fish Called Wanda. It just made sense in my young mind. Also, Mommy drank. Great story!

Anyway, it looks like Warner Bros. wants to remake its classic Don Knotts film and director Richard Linklater has been officially attached. So the guy behind Dazed and Confused and School Of Rock will direct a movie about a man who turns into a fish to fight Nazis. Wait, that’s not entirely correct. The remake will be updated for contemporary audiences, so there won’t be any Nazis, but if Limpet fights terrorists how will being a fish help? Are there fish in the desert? Is there a species of fish that lives in caves? Will he be a walking fish? The creationists are not going to like that.

All in all, this remake doesn’t sound too terrible. Technological advances could do wonders for the visual aspect of the story, though the original, with its classic 2D animation, does have a certain charm to it. Considering Linklater hasn’t exactly been an effects-heavy director (with the exception of his roto-scoping animation work in Waking Life and A Scanner Darkly), how he’ll cope with the increase remains to be seen. Also what remains to be seen is how being a fish will help in the desert. No, I will not shut up about this! I gotta know!

Source: LA Times