Vin Diesel’s Laser Eyes Return for ‘Riddick’ — TRAILER

Credit: Universal Pictures

Fighting off aliens is a tough business, only made tougher by the fact that you’re a Furyan humanoid with mirror eyes (though I think we can all agree they look a cat’s laser eyes) just trying to survive the bloodlust so much of the universe seems to have for you. That’s right, Vin Diesel is back for his fourth installment of the Riddick series in the film of the same name.

Riddick follows the title character/action anti-hero (played by Diesel), after he was left to rot on a seemingly dead-looking planet following the events of The Chronicles of Riddick. Only problem is: he’s actually quite alive! In an attempt to get off the planet, though, things go horribly awry. Check out the new trailer, below.

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