Ice Cube and Kevin Hart Get Feisty In ‘Ride Along’ Teaser Trailer

Kevin Hart and Ice Cube butt heads, shoot guns, and crack jokes in the teaser trailer for their upcoming flick Ride Along. The trailer for the comedy film jumps right to the life of Ben Barber (Hart), a security guard in the midst of proposing to his girlfriend… before we learn that’s he’s just simply rehearsing with a high school lunch lady. Phew! 

Although Barber is more than ready to start a life with the woman he loves, he must first receive the approval from his girlfriend’s brother (Ice Cube). But, Ice Cube’s character is so not on board with this “little-man Smurf” putting a ring on his sister’s finger.

However, Ice Cube does promise to grant Barber his marriage blessing if he successfully proves he is worthy of her love after embarking on a 24-hour patrol duty, which in effect catapults this once comedy into a full-on buddy (or not) cop flick. 

Ride Along  shoots into theatres January 17.

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