Rob Zombie Directing ‘The Lords of Salem’ This Spring

Rob ZombieAh, springtime. It’s the time of fresh flowers, new love, and — um — old-ass witches? Well, in Rob Zombie‘s world, that seems to be the case. The musician/director/screenwriter has decided that this spring is the perfect opportunity to shoot his next movie, The Lords of Salem. This past fall, Zombie signed on to direct the film, which, according to The Hollywood Reporter, is the third film from the Haunted Movies banner, a partnership between the U.K.’s Alliance Films and Paranormal Activity producers Jason Blum, Oren Peli and Steven Schneider.

The Lords of Salem takes place in the birthplace of all things scary, Salem, Massachusetts, and is about how some 300-year-old witches haunt the current residents. Back in the fall, Zombie hadn’t written the script yet — and there still isn’t any word that it’s been completed — so maybe this film will test the waters of the new experimental genre everyone is talking about, improv horror.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter