Rob Zombie Signs on for ‘Halloween’ Prequel

Rocker-turned-movie-maker Rob Zombie has signed to direct a prequel to the cult Halloween franchise, and promises fans it will be the scariest yet. 

The Devil’s Rejects director insists the Michael Myers story has grown tired after a string of disappointing sequels, and has vowed to reinvent the series with more gore and suspense than ever before.

The film will be set before the events of Halloween II, and will focus on the life of the serial killer as a young man, before he was admitted to a mental institution. 

Zombie says, “The look and the feel is going to be completely different. Halloween started off as a very terrifying concept, a terrifying movie. But over the years, Michael Myers has become a friendly Halloween mask.

“When it came to the point where you could buy a Michael Myers doll that was cute-looking and press its stomach and play the Halloween theme, you knew the scare factor was gone.

“But I think the story and the situation is scary. All it needed was someone to come in and to take a totally different approach to make it scary again. To me, that’s the challenge and that’s the fun.”

As well as writing, directing and producing the film, Zombie will also serve as music supervisor.

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