Robert De Niro and Paul Dano Sit, Write and Look at Pens in New ‘Being Flynn’ Pics

Writer movies can vary a good deal, but one thing they all have: a lot of shot of people just thinking. They might be interspersed throughout scenes of Bronx bike rides, burning hotels or coked-up alligator-related deaths, but mark these words: if you’re heading into a writer movie, you’re in for a good deal of people just sitting around, mulling things over. Which, by the way, is just fine. It’s true to life. Writers are sitters. Thinkers. Talkers. Look-at-pens-ers. And Being Flynn knows and embraces this.

Robert De Niro stars as an author of self-proclaimed brilliance, and the estranged father of Paul Dano, himself an aspiring writer. The two reunite when Nick Flynn (Dano) takes work at homeless shelters, looking for inspiration, and Jonathan Flynn (De Niro) shows up looking for a bed. An emotional journey unfolds before the two men, each seeking his own sort of epiphany.

To get a better taste of the epiphany-searches and pen-inspections, check out the trailer for Being Flynn here. The film also stars Olivia Thirlby and Julianne Moore, and is written and directed by Paul Weitz. Being Flynn opens March 2.








Source: Indiewire