Robert De Niro Eyes Bernie Madoff Role

Robert De NiroIt was only a matter of time before someone turned the Bernie Madoff story into a movie, and that time is right about now. HBO is looking to adapt the popular book on the matter, The Wizard of Lies: Bernie Madoff and the Death of Trust, into a film. Well, I highly doubt they’ll let it continue without a title change, but it seems like a perfectly relevant flick (even if that notion is a little overused recently) and if everything goes as planned, it will have a big name to carry it.

The pay-network is eying Robert De Niro as the actor to take on such a huge role, and according to reports, De Niro is “expected” to accept it. At the very least, it makes sense because in his old age, De Niro has acquired a similar visage to the famous schemer. My only real worry here is that De Niro’s recent performances lack, well, everything that was every good about his earlier ones. I’m not sure if he’s just tired, or bored, or uninspired, but everything he’s done in the past few years seems to fall so flat for someone we all look to as a beacon of great American cinema. Maybe he just needs a jumpstart, something a little meatier to sink his teeth into. HBO tends to aim high on these sorts of projects, so the odds are good that this won’t be a stinker.

Source: Slashfilm