Robert De Niro Turns His Head (Halfway) in ‘Red Lights’ Teaser

Teaser trailers are supposed to just that: tease us, instead of giving away the entire movie, like trailers do. But the new teaser for Red Lights somehow does less than tease. Far less

The film has quite the cast (Robert De Niro, Sigourney WeaverCillian Murphy and ‘It’ up-and-comer Elizabeth ‘Mary-Kate and Ashley’s Sis’ Olsen) and a weird/enticing premise (De Niro’s a psychic about to be exposed as a fraud). Make no mistake, we’ll be there when it’s released in [TBA] 2012.

However … the just-released teaser will do anything but excite you: It’s literally Bobby D. facing the other way, until … he turns around! Oh, and there’s quasi-tension-building music. Enjoy:

Source: ScreenRant