Robert Duvall Takes a Role in Tom Cruise Starrer ‘One Shot’

Robert DuvallI feel like “one shot” was exactly what someone got to pitch this movie to Paramount Pictures.

Sweating nervously, and stammering through the explanation of Lee Child’s story, whoever it was representing the film started rattling off big name actors. Tom Cruise. Sure, he doesn’t fit the physical description of the behemoth lead character he’ll play, but there’s no time to consider that now! Rosamund Pike. She’s famous, but not too famous. After all, the whole budget will be going to Cruise. How’s this film supposed to support two huge name actors? Uh oh, it looks like the execs are losing interest. Quick, grab ’em with another big name! It doesn’t matter that the movie is running out of major roles. Someone classic, but relevant! Uh, uh… Robert Duvall! … Sold! Perfect!

Yes, Mr. Duvall will indeed be joining the cast of One Shot, writer/director Christopher McQuarrie’s adaptation of Lee Child’s successful Jack Reacher novel. Reportedly, Duvall’s role will not be a large one. But it will be one of great importance to the story.

One Shot is building potential. The story is a potentially exciting one: the man-without-a-country Jack Reacher (Cruise) sets out to solve a murder that has been attributed to him by another suspect. A Robert Duvall involvement (a Duvolvement, if you will) is the sort of thing that can hook a few into a movie. He remains an unflappable screen presence, a dominating creative collaborator, and a magnificent crochetist. Keep this project in mind, it has potential.

Source: Variety