Robert Patrick Takes Bryan Cranston’s Role in ‘Gangster Squad’

Robert PatrickOkay. Fine. I’ll live.

I went on a desolate three-day bender after hearing that Bryan Cranston was dropping out of Gangster Squad, which compiled the most monumental assortment of actors in the history of time. I wasn’t sleeping, I yelled at strangers… but there is a bright light on the horizon, and a fire in the sky. Robert Patrick, the Terminator 2 villain, will be taking Cranston’s role. Although I’ll never truly be happy with anyone accepting the character of Max Kennard, I don’t have much to say in the vein of negative criticism regarding Patrick.

Max Kennard is a didactic Texan police officer based in Los Angeles, hellbent on doing his job to a fault. Kennard has that in him. In fact, I think it’s a role pretty well-suited for him.

No matter what, Ruben Fleischer’s film will be a sensation: Sean Penn, Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling, Anthony Mackie, Michael Peña, Giovanni Ribisi, Holt McCallany and Emma Stone. THAT’S how. But you probably already knew most of that, since this film is huge enough to be overshadowing everything from the economic crisis to whatever else exists in the present period of time (I wouldn’t know, I’ve only been focusing on this film).

Source: Indiewire