Robert Pattinson Is Wilder Than He Seems in ‘Cosmopolis’ Pics

Robert Pattinson Is Wilder Than He Seems in ‘Cosmopolis’ Pics

After the trauma-inducing trailer for David Cronenberg’s upcoming Cosmopolis, still shots of people standing around and talking, smoking, and pointing giant laser guns at one another are bound to seem pretty tame. But try and contextualize! While Robert Pattinson and Sarah Gadon chat over a cigarette, the island of Manhattan is being ravaged by an apocalyptic nightmare. That limousine that Juliette Binoche is making her home? Pattinson’s mind unravels in it. And that gun Paul Giamatti totes? It is probably going to have to take down a gigantic rat monster at some point.

Tame, shame. These pics are all Cosmopolis, baby.






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