Robert Zemeckis Returns To Time Travel

ALT TEXTRobert Zemeckis is back to traveling through time.

The famed director, responsible for classics like Back To The Future and Forest Gump, is returning to the screen with Timeless, a yet-to-be-written film about time travel. Warner Bros. is keeping the pitched story under wraps, but Deadline reports that it will be a “major tent-pole movie” for the studio.

Currently, there are no details on casting, but regardless, we’re excited to see Zemeckis return to the live-action drama after spending the past ten years doing the 3D capture films Polar Express, Beowulf, and A Christmas Carol. Yeah, those films were great for technology and filmmaking and all that, but live-action is where Zemeckis is meant to be. In short, the dude just knows how to direct. In his extensive career, the films he’s worked on have gained 32 Oscar nominations with 11 wins. Whoa!

And of course, any time Zemeckis makes a movie, there’s always a chance Tom Hanks will be involved. And personally, I’d love to see Hanks do some time travel. Maybe he could go back in time and erase The Da Vinci Code. Zing!

Source: Deadline