Robinson, Grier, And Washington Are My ‘Peeples’

Craig Robinson Craig Robinson, David Alan Grier, and Kerry Washington have all joined the cast of We The Peeples. Unfortunately, this is not a retelling of the founding of our nation using Easter holiday candies. Instead, it focuses on a psychologist (Robinson) who discovers his girlfriend’s (Kerry) entire family needs his therapeutic help when he surprises her on a vacation. No word on who Grier will play, but it will undoubtedly be silly.

The film comes from first time director Tina Gordon Chism, who wrote the screenplays for Drumline and ATL. Now Drumline holds a special place in my heart, I’ve always wanted to be a drummer and those “underdog comes-from-behind movies but will he learn to be a part of the team” movies, *sniff*, they just get me every time. Also, Nick Cannon is my boy! Wow, I really am white.

Anyway, Robinson consistently delivers on The Office and showed that his schtick works well in features with Hot Tub Time Machine. Seeing him play a psychologist – a significantly more straight-laced role than he’s used to getting – trying to help his girlfriend’s family should be delightfully hilarious. Grier has been picking up steam since nabbing a Tony nomination for his work on David Mamet’s Race, but it’ll be nice to see him return to his comedic roots. Washington will also star in potential Tyler Perry Oscar bait For Colored Girls, to be released this November (Perry also produces this film). Wait, can I say that? I can? Ok, cool.

Dinkin flicka, dude. Dinkin flicka. Wow. I really am white.

Source: Hollywood Reporter