‘Rock of Ages’ Star Julianne Hough Talks Tom Cruise and Sexy Set Stories

Tom Cruise and Julianne HoughWith a couple Mirror Ball trophies to her credit thanks to Dancing With The Stars, 23-year-old Julianne Hough literally rocketed into the Hollywood spotlight from the very start. Now she’s starring in Rock of Ages alongside the one and only Tom Cruise.

“I would love to see Stacee Jaxx in the 80s with Arsenal in real life,” Hough tells Hollywood.com. “Like I wish we could go get a time machine and go back, and have Tom Cruise be a rock star instead of a movie star,” says Hough. She was on-hand in South Beach, Fla. at the Rock of Ages red carpet premiere, where she shared some insights on the legendary Mr. Cruise and his career that could have been. In the film, Cruise bares all and heads this outrageous cast (including Alec Baldwin and Catherine Zeta-Jones) as the ravenous Rock god, Stacee Jaxx.

Hough added that Cruise is so compelling as a wavy-haired rocker, that she’d have a hard time containing herself at one of his (fictional) concerts. “I would be stripping and showing him [she mimes lifting up her dress to flash her chest]. He’s incredible, I think everyone’s going to be blown away by [his performance],” she says. “He worked his butt off (literally), he’s the most hard working and dedicated person I’ve ever met.” Plus, Hough sweetens the deal by teasing that Cruise “does wear some assless chaps.”

Tom’s exposed rock-hard rear aside, the cast isn’t short on music industry veterans, including Mary J Blige, who Hough really connected with while shooting in Miami.

“[Mary and I] really became close, and hung out and bonded a lot,” she said. “She’s somebody I really look up to and she’s amazing at what she does. She always calls in to check in and see how I’m doing.”

It wasn’t all fun and games on the set for Hough though. Her mother came to town and got a little too wrapped up in the hedonistic world that is Rock of Ages.

“Yeah, the Venus Club [from an opening scene] I was definitely in a bra and underwear,” Hough says. “My mom came to those shoots too, which was a little uncomfortable but she’s pretty cool. She actually was like, ‘This looks fun, I want to try!’ and she got up on the pole and started dancing.”

There you have it: Rock of Ages, a movie for fans of all ages, mothers too, hits theaters nationwide June 15.

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[Image: David Edwards- © 2012- DailyCeleb.com]