Rockwell, Rourke & Walken Join Farrell In ‘Psychopaths’

Sam RockwellSam Rockwell, Mickey Rourke and Christopher Walken have all signed on to join Collin Farrell in Seven Psychopaths, a black comedy following a screenwriter who, while searching for inspiration, gets caught up in a dog kidnapping scheme with his friends, reports Variety. Blueprint Pictures’ Graham Broadbent and Pet Czernin will produce alongside Annapurna’s Meghan Ellison, with Film4’s Tessa Ross acting as executive producer.

The main reason for excitement surrounding this news? Martin McDonagh is writing and directing the film, reuniting with Broadbent, Czernin, Ross and Farrell — which is the team that helped make Farrell’s (arguably) best movie In Bruges, the tragic dark comedy about the last days of two hit men that snuck away with an Oscar nomination a couple years ago. So if Seven Psychopaths operates similarly to that great picture — with an inevitably crazy-awesome monologue from Walken tossed in — well, we just don’t know how to contain our excitement.

Source: Variety