Roland Emmerich Offered ‘Asteroids’

roland emmerich is not happyYay for pre-branded material! Apparently the movie version of Asteroids has been offered to the Earth-Destroying director himself, Roland Emmerich. It seems like a no-brainer to me. Emmerich enjoys blowing up stuff, like the Earth, like he did in Independence Day and 2012. What difference does it make if it’s asteroids being belted or alien-inhabited planets? If it goes boom, it makes the man happy.

We should note that the plot for Asteroids differs greatly from the plot of the video game (ha). Instead of tracking the journey of a single triangle space ship that has to divert oncoming asteroids by shooting a single laser at them, it will follow a group of human survivors holing up in an asteroid belt with some seemingly-friendly aliens. It turns out these aliens were the ones that concocted the plan to blow up the Earth in the first place, so that will probably cause some tension in the dining hall — and other things to blow up.

If anyone is able to turn a classic arcade game into an over stuffed and loud summer movie, it’s Emmerich. We just wish he didn’t have to.

Source: Vulture