Roland Emmerich to Direct JFK Movie?

ALTRoland Emmerich, always a fan of special effects, is in the process of using the newfangled “aging” technology on an upcoming movie — about JFK!

The Independence Day director revealed at the Toronto Film Festival that he is working on a movie revolving around Marilyn Monroe‘s famous birthday serenade of the then president of the United States. The title? Happy Birthday Mr. President.

Emmerich explained to MTV that his movie would employ a technology that would essentially bring Kennedy back to life. When asked about such a ‘lost-footage’ type of film, he elaborated: “I’m totally into that. I have one project which actually tries to do that, but I think we’re not there yet. I made some tests that didn’t turn out very well, so I think we have to wait another five years … The title will tell you everything, it’s called Happy Birthday Mr. President.”

Check out the video below:

Source: MTV