Ron Howard Has A ‘Stroke Of Insight’

Ron HowardOk, I apologize for the headline that dozens of other sites have probably used. But I used it first. You can take my word for it, I’m on the internets.

Anyway, Ron Howard has bought the rights to Jill Bolte Taylor’s memoir My Stroke of Insight. The book follows Dr. Taylor, a brain scientist, who had a stroke that caused her to lose most of the function of half her brain. Within hours, she lost the ability to control basic motor functions and spent the next eight years recovering her full mental capabilities.

While no actress has signed onto the film, Howard has stated that he wants Jodie Foster for the role. Seeing as how I haven’t read the book, I’ll go ahead and agree with Opie and say Foster would be perfect for the challenging role.

Speaking of challenging, is Howard gunning for an Oscar with this? Oh geez, you think? Not to knock this doctor’s incredible journey back (which sounds inspiring), but since Howard’s last film to win a naked gold dude was A Beautiful Mind, Howard might be going back to what worked the first time. As Kirk Lazarus so eloquently put it (to which I paraphrase) “the academy eats this shit up.”

Source: Deadline