Ron Howard Not Directing ‘The Lost Symbol’

Ron HowardDan Brown‘s recurring hero Robert Langdon is roped into so many mysteries, you’d think he was a member of The Neptunes. But unlike bassist Clamhead and his talking shark drummer, the duo of Langdon and director Ron Howard has been fissured.

Ron Howard will not be directing the movie adaptation of Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol, which carries The Da Vinci Code and Angel’s & Demons (both directed by Howard) hero Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) through another cryptic enigma. An enigma not unlike one you’d find in an episode of Jabberjaw.

A new director has yet to be determined, but will be brought on board. Tom Hanks, although not definitely attached, is expected to be reprising his Robert Langdon role.

The story takes Langdon to the U.S. Capitol Building, where he discovers a ancient artifact signifying an “invitation” into a lost world, to which Langdon is forced to RSVP “Yes” in order to rescue his kidnapped mentor. Freemasonry is a heavy theme in the book.

Ron Howard’s last two depictions of Dan Brown’s stories garnered mixed reviews, which could be why a new director is being sought. However, the reasoning for this choice has not been confirmed, and Howard will in fact remain attached to The Lost Symbol as a producer.

Source: Comingsoon