Rose McGowan Is Conan’s Witch

Rose McGowanSource: Variety

Rose McGowan tried to make the world believe she was a contemporary witch by dating Marilyn Manson, wearing (extremely) scantily clad outfits and stirring up controversy wherever she could. We liked all that well enough, but now she’s taking it to the next level – signing on to Marcus Nispel’s highly anticipated reboot of the Conan film series to play an evil half-human witch.

The cast already includes Jason Momoa as the titular Barbarian, Ron Perlman as his father, Rachel Nichols as the love interest Tamara and Stephen Lang as head villain Khalar Singh. Other actors who’ll be inhabiting Robert E. Howard’s fictional fantasy world include Bob Sapp and Said Taghmaoui

The Friday The 13th director began shooting the film Monday at Nu Boyana Studios in Sofia, Bulgaria. It will be released domestically by Lionsgate sometime next year.