Rose McGowan to Star in ‘Napa’

7827648.jpgTHR reports that Rose McGowan has signed on to star in Napa, a romantic thriller (or “rom-thrill,” as we like to call it) about “a woman who after three tours of duty in Afghanistan returns to her hometown, where she is given the job of sheriff.” The film, which will shoot on location in California’s Napa Valley, marks the feature-film directorial debut of writer-producer Michael Kerr. Kerr and Hans Ostrom co-wrote the script, based on Ostrom’s novel Three to Get Ready, which is a much more interesting title than plain old Napa. Presumably, the filmmakers made the change in order to avoid any and all possible associations with the Matthew McConaughey/Al Pacino gambling flick Two for the Money, and for good reason.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Rose McGowan was last seen in the sword and sandals flop Conan the Barbarian. Click on the image below to check out her photo gallery: