Rufus Sewell Lands Villain Role In ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’

Rufus SewellSome people are born to be bad guys. Some people are born to pretend to be bad guys while wearing make up on camera. Rufus Sewell belongs in the latter group. Thankfully.

Sewell has signed on to play the vampire leader Adam in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. One would assume he’ll eventually have to face Benjamin Walker’s Honest Abe, which should make for a great stand-off. Also cast in the movie are Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Dominic Cooper, among others. Whether they end up fighting Sewell remains to be seen. Actually it’d be really easy to find this out – we could just buy the book. Aw, screw it, we’ll just wait for the movie. When’s it coming out? June 22, 2012. Ah, hell.

Source: Variety