Rumor: Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro To Make ‘The Comedian’?

Robert De NiroConsider this a very big if at the moment, but Showbiz411 seems to think that Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro could wind up on a movie set together again after over 15 years. The project? It’s called The Comedian, and comes from producer Art Linson (The Untouchables, Fight Club), who supposedly wrote a script with Jeffrey Ross about an insult comic who’s described as a Don Rickles/Joan Rivers type.

Now, if you’re immediately conjuring images of an aged Rupert Pupkin, I can tell you that The Comedian is fundamentally different than the duo’s 1982 outing The King of Comedy. It’s said to be a more serious role than that of the clown at the center of one of Scorsese’s more forgettable films, and the source claims that it could be a potential Oscar vehicle for the Academy Award veteran. Apparently, Linson got all his ducks in order ahead of schedule and has financing in place already; the last piece of the puzzle would be convincing Scorsese to direct, as De Niro is said to be fawning over the material even in this early stage. 

But that’s the biggest trouble with any production, isn’t it? Getting MARTIN SCORSESE to direct your film. The Hollywood legend is in post on Hugo Cabret, his first foray into the world of 3D movie making that will be out this winter, while he’s contemplating a handful of follow-up projects as we speak. They include another buzzy reunion with De Niro in the form of The Irishman (a true-life mobster tale), a Frank Sinatra biopic and Silence, Scorsese’s long-gestating adaptation of Shusaku Endo’s acclaimed novel about two Jesuit priests in 17th century Japan. All three of those sound more like a go-to project for Scorsese than The Comedian, though nothing is stopping De Niro from making it happen with another high-quality filmmaker.

Source: Showbiz411