Chris Hemsworth Takes Off His Shirt (and Acts) in New ‘Rush’ Trailer

 Credit: Universal Pictures

If you caught the last Rush trailer, you might be in the mindset that this movie is all fast cars, fiery explosions, broken bones, and people yelling about mortality. But the latest video for Ron Howard’s Formula 1 film shows a softer side to featured characters Niki Lauda and James Hunt, real racers who competed against one another after the former suffered a debilitating injury.

The new trailer takes a slower, deeper look at Lauda (Daniel Brühl), a man whose zest for the sport does not seem to be fueled by the sort of machismo with which NASCAR is ordinarily associated. Instead, Lauda is a thoughtful, cautious man, who is only driven to speed offcourse by the pleas of a female in shotgun.

But although Lauda is the figure to suffer a near-fatal crash, it is Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) at whom we really get a good look. The English racer struggles with his own compulsions to win, his cravings for love and respect, and his inability to keep a shirt on for very long. That one might have just been a creative choice for this movie rather than an export from Hunt’s biography… hey, if you snag a Hemsworth, you use him right.

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