Russell Brand Gets Ghostly For ‘Rentaghost’

Russell BrandRussellBrand, RussellBrand, RUSSELLBRAND! Did it work? No? Damnit. Perhaps I’m getting a little ahead of myself. The skin-tight leather leggings wearing, sex-hair donning, insanely chattering, yet inexplicably charming and raunchy comedian Russell Brand is soon to take on a Beetlejuice-esque film for Warner Bros. based off of the British children’s comedy, Rentaghost.

The story is just what the title promises, a story about a service that literally rents out ghosts to the living for various haunting needs. Brand would play the head of it all, Fred Mumford, a ghost who looks to rectify his loseriffic life by making something of himself in the afterlife. He’s still a bit of a loser even as a specter – in the original show he’s not even able to walk through walls and still hasn’t really figured out the whole disappearing and reappearing thing yet. I’m imagining Brand as a bit of a bumbling mix between Jacob Marley and Beetlejuice and while he’ll undoubtedly be the star, prancing around spewing his spastic, Brit-tastic brand of comedy, the plot also calls for a handful of other ghouls to accompany him in his eerie endeavor.

No word yet on his accomplices, but we do know that Brand will be taking on an executive producer role for the film. He’s also producing 2011’s Arthur in which he also stars, so we’ll see just how much of an eye ol’ Brandy’s got for these sorts of things when that hits theaters later next year.

Source: Deadline