Russell Brand Joins ‘Hawkwood’

ALTRussell Brand may have spent much of yesterday running around New York in blue man-panties for Arthur, but in his next role, he’s trading up to a codpiece. The rockstar-esque Get Him To The Greek comedian is set to produce and star in Hawkwood, a historical comedy about the famed 14th century mercenary. See, Hollywood? It’s not that difficult to come up with a new idea.

Brand brought the idea for Hawkwood to 20th Century Fox, whose Nicky Weinstock will executive produce the project. Peter Chernin and Dylan Clark will produce the film along with Brand, with Jared Stern, who worked on the Arthur script, writing the screenplay.

The film will center around John Hawkwood, an English sword-for-hire who fought for France and Italian states in a number of Renaissance wars. It’s clear that Brand could have a lot of fun with this role; Hawkwood was famed for switching sides in battles and playing the political groups of Italy against each other. He also fought for the Pope and hung out with Chaucer, so there’s bound to be some fun historical cameos worked in. Historical comedies have been a mixed bag in the past (recent Jack Black/Michael Cera attempt Year One was pretty awful), but I’m a sucker for history jokes. Trust me, the black death and the peasant’s revolt are comedy goldmines, as Monty Python could tell you. Plus, it’s a great opportunity for we journalists to make jokes about Russell Brand being a “gifted swordsman.” Everybody wins!

Source: Deadline