Russell Brand to Star in ‘The President Stole My Girlfriend’

Russell BrandIf you were Russell Brand, what would you do next?

The high-energy comic actor started out as the hedonistic rock star archetype in the massively celebrated comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall. He followed this up by reviving the character in the still-pretty-funny sequel, Get Him to the Greek (sandwiching a family-friendly Adam Sandler movie in between). Since then, Brand has voiced a mad scientist and a mythical rabbit, and has portrayed a Shakespearean jester and a Dudley Moore classic. Quite a range, you’d say. So where to go from here?

Well, a simple algorithm tells us that the next logical step for Brand is to play a man whose girlfriend is stolen by the president. But what sort of film has a plot like this? Perhaps The President Stole My Girlfriend (…if you wanna grasp at straws).

Brand is starring in and producing the upcoming comedy, written by Matt Portenoy (the mysterious Movie 43).

Source: Indiewire