Russell Crowe, Paul Haggis To Reunite For ‘The Equalizer’?

ALT TEXTIt’s always fun seeing Russell Crowe beat people up. And it looks like he’s found someone that he likes to beat people up for.

Paul Haggis — who directed Crowe in his upcoming drama The Next Three Days — may work with the actor again on a big screen take of The Equalizer.

Crowe has been attached to star and produce the film, based on the late ’80s CBS drama of the same name, for some time. Until now, there hadn’t been any progress made on the potential film, and that’s where Haggis comes in. The Oscar-winning scribe is currently in negotiations to pen the screenplay.

The Equalizer told the story of a former secret agent-turned vigilante who’s hired to — you guessed it — equalize wrongs. Haggis, who has co-written both of Sony’s new James Bond films, seems like the perfect fit for the project, as he can create elaborate action sequences and develop strong characters in equal proportion.

Currently, Haggis hasn’t committed to directing, but it wouldn’t be too surprising to see him sign on eventually. Although The Next Three Days hasn’t released yet, the fact that Haggis wants to work with Crowe again leads me to believe that the two had a successful experience together. The filmmaker is known to jump from genre to genre with ease but has never directed an action movie yet, so this would be a great opportunity for him to branch out. Plus, this is the type of role Crowe is made to play (like General Maximus): a total badass.

To get a taste of what The Equalizer could be like, check out The Next Three Days trailer below:

Source: Hollywood Reporter