Ryan Gosling Is Also In ‘All Good Things,’ Too

Now, what did they teach us all to do in second grade when the class got two salamanders? That’s right — we were taught to love them the same and pay the same amount of attention to each one. That includes cleaning both of their sides of the tank and not subjecting the less favored one to a dirty corner. They’re both our creatures, even if one of them definitely makes more eye contact than the other.

And since we learned that so long ago, we cannot let the trailer for Ryan Gosling‘s other movie, All Good Things, slip by us simply because we’re having so much fun thinking about Blue Valentine. Blue Valentine is certainly the more controversial film, especially since it’s supposed to have this crazy depressing sex scene that made the MCAA give it an NC-17 rating. But there’s some crazy depressing things in All Good Things, too! Like for instance, Gosling’s character seems hellbent on disobeying Frank Langella. And also, it’s supposed to be about the “most notorious unsolved murder case in New York history,” and somehow, Kirsten Dunst is involved! As is Kristen Wiig! That must have been impossibly impossible for the crafts service people not to confuse Kristen’s sandwich for Kirsten’s. Sandwich mix-ups are the worst! Especially when the less-mainstream actress’ sandwich goes to the more mainstream actress! So you see, All Good Things is riddled with controversy too! There’s no reason we can’t like on them hard, together.