Ryan Gosling in ‘Only God Forgives’ Trailer: How Can Someone So Lovable Be So Darn Dark?

As you may have heard from the Cannes chatter, Ryan Gosling doesn’t say much in his new film Only God Forgives, the latest from Drive director and Gosling aficionado Nicolas Winding Refn. He speaks from the eyes in this one — those sweet, gentle, captivating, violent, haunting, smash-your-head-in-an-elevator eyes. Off camera, Gosling is a gentle, whimsical prince, charming in the performance even the most mundane of human behavior. But in Drive and now Only God Forgives, Gosling gets dark. Heavy. Horrifying.

Credit: Lionsgate

The man we all love and makes wishes to before falling asleep has suddenly become the monster we fear. Still a strikingly endearing monster, but one that you’re kind of more apprehensive about turning your back on. But that’s what makes Only God Forgives look so intriguing — the terrors from which you just can’t look away. I mean, how could you? He might take off his shirt any second now!

Catch the doubtlessly chill-inducing film in theaters July 19.

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