Ryan Phillippe & Jenna Dewan Tatum Join ‘Set Up’

Just look at those eyesNow, I like Bruce Willis. And I like 50 Cent. If you allow me to brag a bit, I once met Ryan Phillippe and he was a pretty cool dude for a guy who is primarily known for his good looks, so I like him a little more than I used to. As previously reported, Willis and Mr. Cent were looking to make a heist movie together and needed a good looking young guy for a role. And it looks like they have found their heartthrob in Philippe. However, all three of them have made some pretty forgettable films (among some of their great ones between Willis and Phillippe) in the past and the set up for this film (HAHAHA DID YOU SEE WHAT I DID THERE? I INCORPORATED THE TITLE OF THE FILM INTO THIS SENTENCE, OH WAIT, I HAVEN’T TOLD YOU, THE TITLE OF THE MOVIE IS SET UP. SORRY FOR SUDDENLY SHOUT TYPING AT YOU.) sounds pretty forgettable. Basically a group of friends get caught up in a diamond heist. Booooooooooring.

Anyway, the more interesting part of this story (i.e. the part of the story with the hot girls) is that Jenna Dewan Tatum, who was previously in the original Step Up, is also joining the cast. So the star of Step Up has been cast in Set Up. Let’s see what other movie titles we can make using these letters:



Pets Up

Up Ets


Set Pup

Pet Pus




Pest Up

Tes Pu

And finally…


All of which would be a better film than Set Up. Just saying.

Source: Variety