Ryan Reynolds, Bradley Cooper To Star In New Buddy Cop Film

ALT TEXTComing soon in a theater near you — heads of women exploding from an overload of handsome.

Ryan Reynolds and Bradley Cooper are set to star in an upcoming untitled action-comedy, written by Sheldon Turner (Up In The Air), according to The Hollywood Reporter. The story follows two San Francisco cops in need of some assistance with a case. So they call on their fathers — who also happen to be former cops and former partners on the force. What follows is an updated, edgier, and R-rated Lethal Weapon style flick (but with Cooper’s eyes and Reynolds’ smile, it’s difficult to imagine something that edgy).

No word yet on who’s going to play the fathers — but hopefully, for the sake of realism, it’s some dudes with full heads of hair.

The film’s idea originated five years ago, then titled Blowback (good thing they changed that) and was pitched with a little bulkier feel. Dwayne Johnson — then known as “The Rock” — was attached to one of the roles.

Reynolds, who’s fresh off making kids smile at Comic-Con by reciting the Green Lantern oath (set to release June 2011), stars next month in an indie-thriller called Buried. Cooper also just finished up his action hero duties coming off The A-Team from earlier this summer.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter