Ryan Reynolds Takes Denzel Washington Captive in ‘Safe House’ Trailer

ALTYesterday saw the premiere of the first Safe House poster—a simple look at a rather smug Denzel Washington.

Today we have the first trailer for the film, which continues Washington’s smirking but injects gritty camerawork, explosions, gunfire, intrigue and Ryan Reynolds into the mix. The trailer doesn’t give us too much spoilery information on what to expect from Safe House—the action kicks off in a CIA Safe House in South Africa before exploding into a full on chase between the government, a befuddled Reynolds and the maybe-bad-guy Washington—but the gritty style A-List ensemble cast (including Vera Farmiga and Brendan Gleason) make it slick enough to get one excited.

For me, this kind of movie is Denzel’s bread and butter—and it’s feeling a bit tired. He’s been making them for years (mostly with director Tony Scott) and each time comes off just good enough that I think “OK, I guess I’d watch that again.” I know he’s capable of amazing work, like Malcolm X and Training Day, but we haven’t seen that actor in a while. What I do know he can do is make firing pistols badass, and he does it again in Safe House.

Check out the trailer in HD over at Apple. Safe House hits theaters February 10, 2012.