‘Salt’ Director Handed ‘Bloodsport’ Remake

phillip noyceI’ll be honest, my level of familiarity with Bloodsport extends enough for me to enjoy this .gif…and that’s about it.

But does that stop me from enjoying a remake of the classic action film? Heck no!

Salt director Phillip Noyce has been tapped to direct the remake, excuse me, “reinvention,” for producer Ed Pressman. While I was originally going to make fun of these guys for even trying to remake this movie, I realized that Salt was a competent actioner undone by sloppy writing and Angelina Jolie, so I’m not knocking Noyce, and Pressman has had his hands in some decent movies like American Psycho and Thank You for Smoking. They’ve also hired writer Robert Kamen for the script and since he’s responsible for the original The Karate Kid he gets a lifetime pass from me.

I’m actually excited about this. For those who don’t know, the film originally followed Jean-Claude Van Damme as an American solider who moves to Brazil to escape the horrors of war. But then he gets caught up in a martial arts contest and some ass gets kicked.

Source: ScreenDaily