Sam Rockwell Lands ‘Iron Man 2’ Role

Sam Rockwell will go head-to-head with Robert Downey Jr. in the new Iron Man 2 as Tony Stark’s corporate rival Justin Hammer.

The actor confirmed the news with MTV today, telling the site that director Jon Favreau and his team explained, “We don’t have a script but this is the deal and this is the character.”

Rockwell was tight-lipped about the details of his comic-book character but did say, “Yeah, he’s a rival. He takes over all the weapons stuff after Tony’s left…I don’t know if he takes over Stark Industries. I’m not really sure yet. He’s a money dude. That’s about all I can say.”

This isn’t the Frost/Nixon star’s first encounter with the blockbuster franchise. He was in talks with Favreau at one time for the part of Tony Stark and his girlfriend Leslie Bibb played a journalist bedded by Stark in the first film.

Rumors are swirling that Wrestler star Mickey Rourke could be signing on as Crimson Dynamo, but Rockwell wouldn’t confirm the casting.

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