Sam Worthington Attached To Go Back To Space

Blake LivelyOh, movie stars. They’re always attaching themselves to different things like they think they’re some sort of post-it notes. The latest to attach himself like a parasite (that’s what actors basically do, right?) is Sam Worthington. He’s gone and attached himself to an untitled movie that hasn’t even been written yet by Aaron Guzikowski. And they didn’t even have the decency to give us a summary of the plot. All we got is that it will be a “ground space war film.”

So, to recap, we have no script but a writer, no director but a star. The sad part is that this film is actually ahead compared to other films. Worthington doesn’t exactly attach himself to shitty projects (Clash of the Titans aside, daddy gotta get paid somehow) and Guzikowski is an upcoming writer with mad potential. So who knows. Maybe this attachment will turn into something worthwhile after all.

Source: Deadline