Sam Worthington is On Top of the World in New ‘Man on a Ledge’ Trailer and Pics

Sometimes in life, all you are is a man on a ledge. David Hume said that. And now, Sam Worthington is living it.

In the upcoming film, Man on a Ledge, Worthington plays a ex-cop who was framed for criminal activity. He decides he cannot take life any longer and heads onto the ledge of a Manhattan complex to commit suicide.

…or DOES he?

Elizabeth Banks plays the NYPD negotiator trying to talk Worthington’s character down. However, she begins to suspect that this whole “man on a ledge” thing might be more than meets the eye.

Man on a Ledge also stars Ed HarrisAnthony Mackie, Jamie Bell and Genesis Rodriguez. It will be Asger Leth’s feature directorial debut.




And just in case you’re having trouble with that last one:


Source: Yahoo