Samuel L. Jackson Calls on Hollywood Bosses to Hit the Internet

Samuel L. Jackson is thrilled with the Internet interest in his new movie Snakes on a Plane and feels many films would benefit from an online fan campaign before a single scene is shot.

The movie’s title and Jackson‘s role as a snake-battling federal agent came as a result of movie fans discussing the project years ago.

The Pulp Fiction star is convinced the movie would never have been made had it not been for the Internet movie fans.

He says, “It’s the next step in what’s going to happen. There are so many people who are aware of films because of the information highway and most times people who sit in offices have no idea what’s going on in the real world.

“Fortunately for New Line (studio), this happened and was out of hand before they were even made aware of it. The fan demands made them understand what they had.

“Eventually I think there’s going to be films like this that are of a certain genre that some smart person will invite that type of input.

“Someone will say something like, ‘I have an idea for a film, and here’s my idea. How do you think this should play out? Who should be in it? How long should it be? Should it be one parts, two parts, or three parts?’

“The interaction from the fans will fuel this whole thing and make those people feel like they are such a part of the film. If you got a dollar from all those people you can make the film.”

Jackson Orders Snakes Restraining Order

Samuel L. Jackson had a clause in his contract for high-flying thriller Snakes on a Plane which insisted all reptiles on the set were kept at least 20 feet from him at all times.

Jackson plays a federal agent onboard a plane full of slithering venomous reptiles and made sure he was safe throughout filming.

He says, “My agent was insistent: ‘No snakes within 20 feet.’ In the beginning they were talking about having rattlesnakes they had taken the venom sacks out of them, but I was like, ‘Hell, no. That don’t work for me.’

“I don’t have a fear of snakes… When I grew up in the country, when we saw a snake the snake was in a lot more trouble then we were.

“We’d chase it and try to catch it, so we could beat it. I’ve handled them; I had snakes draped all over me for the photo shoot.”

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