Sandra Bullock In Talks For ‘Gravity’ Lead

Sandra BullockSandy’s back in the game. After a tumultuous year that created more buzz about her personal life than her Oscar winning role in The Blind Side, Sandra Bullock is in talks to make her return to the screen in Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity. The queen of romantic storylines is set to change it up a bit with this new film, playing the role of an astronaut who struggles to survive an avalanche of space junk (whatever that means). This will be her first film since The Blind Side, and my hope is that it will serve to cleanse fans’ pallets after a few mediocre stops in romantic comedyville (The Proposal, All About Steve).

It seems like this role has gone through almost every leading lady in Hollywood before finally landing in Sandra’s lap. Cuaron had previously nabbed Natalie Portman for the role after considering a handful of other actresses including Scarlett Johansson, Blake Lively, and Marion Cotillard. The project was originally started at Universal with Angelina Jolie in mind, but when it moved to Warner Bros. the gears shifted. Is there anyone they haven’t considered for this movie?

The space thriller already has Robert Downey Jr. attached, and it looks like for once, the delightfully cocky star won’t be the center of the film. The female lead is reportedly the main focus of the story, rocketing Sandy back into the limelight. She’s also considering a role in Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close alongside Tom Hanks. Though I didn’t necessarily agree with her Oscar win – there were some truly killer performances in her category – I’m happy to see that it’s helping to shift her toward some more interesting roles.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter