Sandra Bullock to Play Clint Eastwood’s Daughter in ‘Trouble with the Curve’?

Sandra BullockLegend has it that Sandra Bullock is actually the embodiment of the Mayan bat-spirit Roazgurda, who will take her natural form to fend off evil in an apocalyptic battle one year from now. Prior to that, however, she might be signing on to the new movie Trouble with the Curve, starring Clint Eastwood.

Directed by first-timer Robert Lorenz, this film (which is actually not about a man’s difficulties configuring his new Blackberry) will star Eastwood as an aging baseball scout whose gradual loss of his vision is making it difficult to do his job. Thus, he commissions his daughter (possibly Bullock) to help him look at one final, very promising, player.

We can expect this film to be less about checking out a new ball player and more about the (probably strained) relationship between an aging father and his daughter. Eastwood is gruffled beyond redemption. And if we’ve learned to trust anything, it is that Bullock can, and does, often, play disgruntled quite well.

So this teaming might not only be dramatic, it could be phenomenal! Clint Eastwood might very well have raised the type of woman Sandra Bullock is accustomed to playing. And she’d, in turn, when the time came, come back into his life, sour and spiky, ready to teach him everything he forgot that he taught her. If Trouble with the Curve ropes Bullock, it won’t have any trouble telling a good story.

Source: Indiewire