Sandy Claims Cinema’s HMS Bounty Sinks and 16 Crew Members

Pirates of the Caribbean

The tragedies imparted by the East Coast’s endurance of Hurricane Sandy are innumerable, with many lives and one artifact of cinema culture being claimed off the coast of North Carolina. On Tuesday, the HMS Bounty — a merchant vessel which earned acclaim as the featured ship in the 1962 classic movie Mutiny on the Bounty and has since been seen in films like Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest — sank off the N.C. coast as a result of the storm.

The Hollywood Reporter reveals that 16 of the ship’s crewmembers were killed in the tragic incident. A rescue mission for the ship’s captain Robin Walbridge, who has gone missing, is underway. According to The Christian Science Monitor, Capt. Walbridge is understood to be equipped with a survival suit.

The ship, modeled after the original merchant vessel operated by Great Britain’s Royal Navy during the 1700s, was constructed in ’62 specifically for use in the black-and-white Marlon Brando starrer. It has since become a fixture of Hollywood seafaring adventures.

[Photo Credit: Walt Disney]


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