Here Are 8 Franchises We’d Rather See Get Eightquels Than ‘Saw’

Saw Puppt, JigsawLionsgate

Even though no one asked for it, it looks like another Saw movie might be in the works. According to Bloody Disgusting, Lionsgate is reportedly looking to make an eighth Saw. As of now, basically all of the details for the movie are up in the air. Nothing is officially on paper, and it’s not clear whether Lionsgate is going to take the franchise in a different direction or just simply make Saw 8. But no matter what happens, we all know what to expect: horrific and bloody scenes of people killing other people.

The main issue we find with another Saw movie is that it’s not our top choice for another sequel. In fact, we’d much rather see these eight franchises get an eightquel before Saw does:

Fast and Furious
The seventh film is set to hit theaters July 2014 and we already know we’d rather get an eighth one right after it before we get another Saw. At least we would get some cool car chases, right?

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 
While this franchise is also full of blood and gore, we like that we have a known enemy to face together. Come at us, Leatherface. We can take it.

The main reason we want to keep on watching Alien films is that no matter how many movies you add to its repertoire, the original is good enough to hold up the franchise.

Resident Evil
We’re down for another Resident Evil, but we’re hoping it’ll revert back to the original movies and not the newer CGI films (which we’re counting in the canon).

Police Academy
Lucky for us, it looks like we might get to see our favorite misfit cops take on crime when the eighth film begins production in 2014. It will be interesting to see how it turns out considering the last Police Academy film, Mission to Moscow, came out in 1994.

Days of Future Past will be No. 7 in the franchise, and with it looking quite spectacular, we’re happy to hear that Bryan Singer is already kickstarting a new feature for the Marvel mutants.

Who wouldn’t want to watch a fluffy, loveable St. Bernard get into some crazy antics? After 2011’s Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure, we’re ready for another holiday-themed dog flick.

The Road to movies
Yes, this is a property from a long gone era, and one whose stars are no longer with us. But you didn’t think they were going to reboot The Lone Ranger, did you? And look how good that… oh, right.