‘Saw’ Meets ‘Rio’ in Hilarious ‘Horrorio’ Mash-Up Trailer

As movies become more and more compartmentalized into specific genres, it is difficult to find a film that catches your interests entirely. Perhaps you love horror movies, but don’t want to see something too dark or flavorless. Perhaps you’re an animation fan, but don’t like a story when the stakes are too low. Well, if this describes you, then you are in for a real treat: Horrorio, which combines the horrific sensibilities of the Saw films and the bright, fun-filled nature of movies like this year’s Rio.

Films today can take a lesson from Horrorio. Explore devices beyond your genre! Experiment with the flavors of other cinematic worlds! Have birds be chased by saws! HAVE BIRDS BE CHASED BY SAWS!

And if you share my stance on the matter, then you will enjoy this Saw/Rio horrormation mashup: Horrorio.