Scarlett Johansson: ‘Love Scenes with Josh Hartnett Were Awkward’

Scarlett Johansson‘s screen sex scenes with boyfriend Josh Hartnett were less than romantic–she insists they were like “organized boxing matches.”

The curvy actress found shooting raunchy moments with Hartnett in new film The Black Dahlia deeply unsexy, as the pair were trying to get in the mood while members of the crew stood around eating sandwiches.

Johansson says, “Obviously it was interesting doing that scene with Josh. But I have to say it wasn’t particularly romantic. Shooting those sorts of scenes always ends up being more funny than anything else.

“You have about ten electricians chewing on sandwiches and staring at you as you writhe around. Then you have the director (Brian De Palma) shouting orders at you to ‘move here and ‘put your hand there.’

“I’m glad it comes off as sexy because in real life it was more like taking part in an organized boxing match.”

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